How to save PDF to PNG step by step guide

Depending on the goal and particular needs, people employ various file types. Text, structure, and layout can all be retained in files saved in PDF format. The PNG file format, on the other hand, is designed for raster graphics and offers lossless data compression. Understanding the difference between PDF and PNG will help you compare the two formats’ features and applications and give you a guide How to save PDF to PNG? These file formats are also well-known by how simple they are to edit, share, and print.

This article will explain the differences between PNG and PDF files and show you how to change them to and from one another. Any designer or creative expert should be able to answer that question. You might be shocked, though, at how many other professionals don’t really know How to save PDF to PNG or any other kind of image file.

Describe PNG and PDF

The file formats PDF and PNG are different from one another, with distinct features and functions. The following provides a full explanation of PNG and PDF files so that you understand the differences between the two.

PDF Format

The term PDF denotes to the Portable Document Format, which was created by Acrobat and is a commonly used usual for document exchange.

The ability of a PDF to display a document in a set with a constant layout is one of its primary features. This file format makes it easier for users to view and print documents on any platform or device without changing their layout or structure. It also has content, which includes text, forms, links, pictures, and other multimedia components.

PNG Format

Portable Network Graphics, or PNG for short, is a graphic file format that supports loss data formats. When a file size is lowered, lossless firmness ensures that the image quality is not lost. It was developed to overcome the drawbacks of GIF and is an open-source replacement for it. This further qualifies it for images that demand a high level of clarity and detail.


The introductions of PNG and PDF show the differences in functionality and usage of the two formats. Effective clarification of the PNG vs. PDF format idea is also provided by a few more metrics. Below is a discussion of these metrics to help you better understand them.


The main purpose of PDF is to display documents in a determined format and layout. PNG, on the other hand, is mostly used for raster graphics and supports clearness and lossless compression.

Use Case

PNG is used when lossless compression is necessary for digital art, static online pictures, logos, and icons. You can manage documents and forms using PDF at the same time.

File Size

According to the application being used, PDF files come in a variety of sizes and support different compression techniques. PNG files are smaller than PDF files since they simply include the image.

File Quality

Because PDF maintains text quality, it can be used for high-quality printing and document interchange. PNG is also very good at maintaining picture quality, particularly in graphics.


To change the text and style of a PDF document, use programs like Adobe Acrobat and

UPDF. Compared to PDF documents, PNG documents have more editing options because they are in a static image format.


The PDF is made to print at high quality while preserving the document’s format and structure. In addition, PNG is frequently used for digital graphics and is not as well saved for printing as PDF

Web Use

Because PNG files offer lossless compression, they are extensively used for web graphics, logos, icons, and other images. In the period in-between, because of its large file sizes, PDF is less

popular than PNG when it comes to web documents.


PNG is a popular format for graphics with seamless transitions because of its transparency. However, transparency is supported by PDF, though not as smoothly as it is by PNG file formats.

How to save PDF to PNG on Mac and Windows

Here is how to save a PDF to PNG on both Mac and Windows.

On Mac Use Preview

This is the underlying application on Macintosh for survey and overseeing pictures and PDFs.

Open the PDF record in See.

Select the particular page(s) you need to change over (discretionary, select all pages whenever wanted).

Go to the menu bar and snap file then export.

In the export window, under format, select PNG from the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, change the Quality slider to control the picture quality and document size.

Pick a filename and location for the saved PNG document.

Click Save.

On Windows Use Microsoft Print to PDF

This is a helpful technique on the off chance that you as of now have the PDF record open.

Open the PDF document in any application that permits printing (e.g., internet browser, Microsoft Word).

Click File > Print.

Under Printer select Microsoft Print to PDF.

Click Print.

In the Save As window, pick a filename and area for the saved PNG record.

Change the Save as type to PNG.

Click Save.

Use a third-party application

Several free and paid applications offer PDF to PNG conversion functionalities. Some popular options include:

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Paid software with advanced features and control over the conversion process.

Foxit Reader: Free PDF reader with basic conversion capabilities.

Wondershare PDFelement: Paid software with various PDF editing and conversion features.

Using Wonder Share PDF element

PDF Editor, open the PDF file using this approach, and then save it as a PNG. The document is transformed into a.png file during the process, which saves it in the location of your choosing.

Because of the software’s very user-friendly interface, beginners will also find it quite simple to use. Both Macs and Windows can run the software. To give it a try, you can download it for free on your computer.

The following steps need to be repeated

Open the PDF

Click the “Open File” button on the main window. This will open an Explorer window for you to locate your PDF file and click “Open” to open it.

Click to Image in step two

The next step is to pick “To Image” from the toolbar beneath the Convert tab at the top as your conversion choice.

Save the PDF as a PNG

When the Save As window opens, you may choose the output format and location, which should both be Image Files (*.png). When you’re finished, click Save to have the file immediately converted to a.png and save.

Use Adobe Acrobat

Just a few easy processes need to be followed in Adobe Acrobat if you need to save a PDF into a PNG.

Open the PDF file in Acrobat

Next, select Tools > Export PDF. The many formats that you can save the PDF file in are now visible to you.

Select the PDF file format that you want to save. PNG in this particular case. Next, select Export to bring up the Export Dialog box.

Selecting a location to save the PDF as a PNG requires you to use the Export dialog box. To export the PDF in the chosen PNG format, click Save.

The transferred file will be saved in the source file’s folder by default, and the source file name will be used with the new extension.

Earlier to saving the file, you have the ability to organize the conversion. By default, the conversion settings found under Preferences are applied.

Use Photoshop

Photoshop also allows you to save PDFs as PNGs. This is very valuable for everyone who uses Windows. The instructions below must be followed if you want to use Adobe Photoshop to save a PDF as a PNG.

Open Adobe Photoshop on your PC, select the File menu, and then click Select to transfer the PDF file that you want to change to PDF photos.

In order to change the PDF pages, you must select Pages from the dialog box and then click OK. You can use ‘Shift’ or ‘Ctrl’ to select the desired pages, or you can choose all pages by default.

Once all of the pages in the settings area have been completed, all you need to do is click the OK button to immediately import the selected pages into Adobe Photoshop.

Online PDF Saving as PNG

You may edit, merge, split, and rearrange PDF files online by using a tool like HiPDF, which can convert PDF files to PNG, JPG, Word, Excel, TXT, and more. Visit an online PDF to PNG converter websites. There are many options available such as PDF2PNG, FreeConvert, or DocFly.

Although it is not as strong as a desktop PDF converter when it comes to converting multiple PDFs to PNG and editing PDFs, the methods to save a PDF as a PNG for free online are quite simple.

Moreover, if you’re interested in seamlessly integrating your converted images into Google Slides, check out this guide on how to convert PDF to Google Slides in three easy steps. It provides valuable insights for a smooth transition from PDF to Google Slides presentations.

Frequently asked questions about How to save PDF to PNG

Is converting PDFs to PNGs safe?

Your original file doesn’t get changed when you upload a file to our site. We first create a copy of your file, which we utilize in the conversion. Thus, you shouldn’t ever be concerned about your original file. You can safely use it on your PC.

Why convert a PDF file to a PNG file?

Converting a PDF to a PNG is the best way to enable uploading to locations that don’t support PDFs. For example, let’s say you wish to post a page from a PDF on Facebook. A PNG can be uploaded to your Facebook feed, but a PDF cannot be uploaded there. To achieve that, you would need to convert your PDF page to PNG.


In conclusion, the features and purposes of PDF and PNG distinguish them as two distinct file formats. A better understanding of How to save PDF to PNG can be gained by comparing various factors such as file size, quality, editing, and printing. Furthermore, there are differences in the advantages and disadvantages of the two file formats. UPDF gives you the ability to convert both formats interchangeably, if that’s what you want to do.

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