Apple TV shortcuts and Tricks You Need to Know

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One of the greatest new features of iOS 13 is the Apple TV shortcuts they simplify the process of utilizing your Apple TV. You no longer have to figure out random methods to switch it on and off. You can now use shortcut actions to play and pause, wake up and turn off my Apple TV, access a particular app, and more. For this, Apple introduced the TV shortcuts. This article introduces some of the Apple TV shortcuts.

The audio options on Apple TV

A short swipe down on the trackpad brings up various audio options when you’re watching a video. Full Dynamic Range is the default, but Reduce Loud Sounds will try to reduce sudden changes in volume (useful for noisy commercials in some TV streams). You can adjust closed captions or foreign language subtitles if the app you’re using allows them.

Swipe down on Apple TV

You can swipe down to see more options when watching a television or movie on an app like YouTube or Hulu. However, if the Swipe down for info message doesn’t go away after a short while, as happened to Macworld’s Susie Ochs on a regular basis in Hulu, you may either pause and restart the movie or use the Menu to advance the video one level at a time before restarting it.

Playlists for music on Apple TV

Customers of Apple Music can make new playlists right from the Apple TV or contribute to ones that already exist. After selecting a song to play, press the More option (shown by ellipses) at the top of the Now Playing screen using the touchpad. Either click new and give your playlist a name, or tap Add to Playlist and choose one to add to. All of your devices will sync the playlist if everything goes according to plan with the iCloud Music Library.

Create a new PlaylistCommand-N
Create a new Smart PlaylistOption-Command-N
Refresh a PlaylistCommand-R
Import a video fileCommand-O
Delete the selected playlist and itemsOption-Delete

How does Apple TV handle storage?

32GB or 64GB of storage is included with the new Apple TV, depending on the cost of your purchase. You should pay special attention to how much space you have left if you’re an app hoarder and have a 32GB version by going through Settings > General > Manage storage. The complete list of installed apps on the TV together with their storage capacity, will be displayed. Apps can be deleted straight from the home screen, or you can select the most harmful space-wasters and touch the trash can icon next to each one.

Turn on the television and go to bed

The new Apple TV can be put to sleep but not powered down. Simply hold down the home button to let the TV ask if you also wish to switch off any connected devices, including your television. It may be turned back on by pressing the home button once. By selecting Settings > Sleep Now you can also put the TV in sleep mode.

There are two ways to restart an Apple TV

Your Apple TV cannot be turned off, but you can start again it by going to Settings > System > Restart if needed. If, for any reason, it doesn’t work, all together press and hold the Siri remote’s menu and home buttons. Release them when your display begins to flash.

Upgrade your TV with several Apple IDs

Add an account to Apple TV

The Apple TV can be used by several individuals in your home, and if you’d like, they can use it without crediting your account. By creating a new Apple ID under Settings > Accounts > iTunes and App Store, you can link several Apple IDs to your TV. Your family members can switch to their accounts under Settings > Accounts > iTunes and App Store once the new ID has been added. Apps that they install on the TV using their account will stay on your home screen.

Go ahead, Apple TV

Many small activities, like fast-forwarding or rewinding anything you’re watching on your Apple TV, can be handled by Siri. However, you can also use the Siri remote to fast-forward and rewind a movie or show. To advance ten seconds, push the touchpad’s right side; to go back ten seconds, press its left side.

Connect your TV and Bluetooth devices

A fourth-generation Apple TV can only be paired with a single Siri remote, although it can pair with two other Bluetooth devices. One game controller plus one Bluetooth audio attachment, such as speakers or headphones, or two MFi Bluetooth game controllers. By going to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth and choosing the desired device, you may pair your accessories with the TV.

Put away your Bluetooth devices

Simply unpair an accessory under Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth if you’d like to switch out one of your associated devices for another. After choosing the accessory you’re done using, choose Forget Device.

Activate Apple TV’s voiceover feature

The Siri remote offers an accessibility feature that is useful for those with low vision. To enable Voiceover, either ask Siri to do so or navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Voiceover. While you highlight text with the touchpad controller, Voiceover will read it aloud. Press and hold the touchpad once with two fingers to pause Voiceover. Double-tap with two fingers to bring up Voiceover once more. View these Apple TV support documents to see more Voiceover controls.

Set the Apple TV Magic Keyboard to support Bluetooth

With a little assistance from Siri, what could be more convenient than using your voice to search the App Store? Typing your search query straight into the TV search field using a keyboard. As long as your TV is up to date and your keyboard is discoverable, you can use Bluetooth keyboards with the Apple TV running TVOS 9.2. Next, choose the device you wish to pair by going to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth.

With the new Apple TV, there are numerous Apple TV shortcuts available if you use a Magic Keyboard.

  • F3: Change apps
  • F4: Display the home screen
  • F7: Go back in time
  • F9: Go ahead and accelerate
  • F8: Engage in gameplay
  • Spacebar: Put an end to
  • F11: Reduce the loudness
  • F12: Turn up the volume

Shortcut keys on the Mac for the Apple TV app

Some useful Apple Tv Shortcuts keys are mentioned below you can also check apple tv support website for more keys.

Play or stop the videoThe space bar
Turn up the volumeArrow of Command-Up
Reduce the loudnessArrow of Command-Down
Go to the TV SettingsCommand-Command (,)
Block TVKey-H
Everything be hidden but the TVCommand-Option-H
Give Up TVKey-Q
Check out the download activityCommand-Shift-L
Slide the TV window openZero, or command-0
Shut the TV windowKey-W
Reduce the size of a windowKey-M

Clearing Apple TV Cache

To keep up with smooth performance and resolve any expected issues with your Apple TV, it’s good to consistently clear the cache. Clearing the reserve assists with removing transitory documents and information put away by applications, which can collect over the long run and lead to indolence.

Frequently asked questions about Apple TV shortcuts

What advantages can Apple Shortcuts offer?

Using a shortcut, you can quickly complete tasks within your apps with a single press or by asking Siri. Numerous tasks can be automated with shortcuts, like creating expenditure reports, transferring text across apps, and obtaining directions to the next appointment on your calendar, among other things.

Is downloading Apple shortcuts safe to do?

The user is prompted to evaluate the shortcut and is informed that it hasn’t been reviewed by Apple before downloading shortcuts from the internet. Updated malware definitions are downloaded to detect dangerous shortcuts during runtime, providing protection against malicious shortcuts.

Do short cuts have a price?

All the essential features are included in the $85 a month Essentials subscription. The Evolve plan, which has a monthly starting price of $159, contains customer engagement features. Pricing for the Elevate package, which starts at $209 per month, includes loyalty choices, personalized forms, and a mobile guest app.


Discover your Apple TV shortcuts full potential by utilizing these ten hidden functions. Every feature improves your viewing and interaction experience, from linked home screens to integration with gaming controllers. These tools will take your Apple TV experience to the next level, regardless of your level of gaming skill. Make the most of your entertainment hub by finding these hidden gems.

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