Best Movado Smart Watches for Men and Women Review

Movado smart watches combine modern technology with elegant design. They offer features like fitness tracking and notifications right on your wrist.

Smart watches are stylish and offer modern tech features. They can track your fitness activities and keep you connected with smartphone notifications. These watches are comes in several designs to making them suitable for both casual and formal wear. They are perfect for those who want fashion combined with functionality.

Discover the perfect blend of luxury and technology with Movado smart watches. Elevate your style while staying connected.

Detailed Review of Movado Smart Watches

ModelFeaturesScreen TypeHealth TrackingCustomization OptionsWrist Sizes Available
ConnectBasic smartwatch functionalityStandardBasicLimitedStandard sizes
Connect 2.0Customizable face, various strapsResponsive touchImprovedHigh (faces and straps)40mm, 42mm
Connect 3Upgraded health tracking, more responsive touch screenEnhanced touchAdvancedHigh (faces and straps)40mm, 42mm

Design and Aesthetics

The design of Movado Smart Watches is where luxury meets technology. Known for their minimalist yet striking appearance these watches feature a sleek interface with a simple and single dot at 12 o’clock. A nod to the sun at high noon is a signature mark of Movado.

Design and Aesthetics
Design and Aesthetics by canva

The elegance is maintained with slim profiles and materials that range from stainless steel to durable synthetics providing to both fashion-forward users and practical needs.

Functionality and Performance

Functionality is a cornerstone of the Movado Smart Watches experience. These gadgets sync flawlessly with your cell phone to deliver notices and application cautions straightforwardly to your wrist. They are supported with NFC payments and voice to improving ordinary comfort.

The watches boast a reliable battery life that can support up to a full day use on a single charge depending on the model and usage patterns.

Pricing Overview

The pricing of Movado Smart Watches varies based on the model and features but generally aligns with luxury smart watch standards. The Connect series starts at a mid-range price point, which climbs with newer versions like the Connect 3 due to added functionalities and improved specifications.

In the USA, prices are competitive, offering a good balance between cost and the premium quality Movado is known for. This makes Movado a viable option for those looking to invest in a high-quality smart watch that combines functionality with elegant design.

Movado Smart Watches for Men

Movado’s assortment for men incorporates two refined models intended for the individuals who value accuracy and style. The Movado Men’s active sport Watch 40mm and the Movado signature sport Watch 44mm. Both watches mix the usefulness required for dynamic ways of life with the polish appropriate for ordinary wear.

Movado Men’s Active Sport Watch 40mm

This watch is estimated ranges from $976.50 to $1,395. It includes a striking blue PVD completed tempered steel case and connection wristband, a dark dial with record markers and is supplemented by sapphire precious stone for solidness.

Movado Men's Active Sport Watch 40mm
Movado Men’s Active Sport Watch 40mm

The watch is appropriate for water related exercises with a resistance of up to 200 meters controlled by reliable Swiss quartz movement.

Movado Signature Sport Watch 44mm

The Signature Sport watch ranges from $696.50 to $995. It is a hearty 44mm stainless steel case with a black PVD bezel. A black dial with polished stainless steel that feature radiance for easy reading in low light.

Movado Signature Sport Watch 44mm
Movado Signature Sport Watch 44mm

The look is completed with a perforated black rubber strap ideal for sports enthusiasts. It offers a water resistance of 30 meters and uses a Swiss quartz chronograph movement for precise timekeeping.

Below is a comparative table of the specifications for each model.

FeatureMovado Men’s Active Sport Watch, 40mmMovado Signature Sport Watch, 44mm
Price$976.50 – $1,395$696.50 – $995
DialBlack with indexBlack with index
Case Diameter40mm44mm
Case MaterialBlue PVD-finished stainless steelStainless steel
Bracelet/StrapBlue PVD-finished stainless steel link braceletPerforated black rubber strap
Crystal TypeSapphire crystalSapphire crystal
Water Resistance200 meters30 meters
Movement TypeSwiss quartz movementSwiss quartz chronograph movement

Movado Smart Watches for Women

The Movado Signature and COACH Preston are elegant timepieces that cater to women’s tastes blending sophistication with modern design. Here is a closer look at each model:

Movado Signature 40mm

Priced between $416.50 and $595 the Movado Signature Watch stands out with its plain yet iconic design. It includes a perfect white museum dial with Movado’s classic flat dot at the 12 o’clock position covered in a tough tempered steel case.

Movado Signature 40mm
Movado Signature 40mm

This model is fitted with a stylish white leather strap pursuing it a flexible decision for both relaxed and formal wear. The watch is equipped with a sapphire gem and a Swiss quartz development guaranteeing dependability and care.

COACH Preston 38mm

The COACH Preston ranges between $206.50 and $295 is an elegantly crafted watch that shows daily simplicity. A blush dial with index markers and is contained in a blush ceramic and rose gold stainless steel case.

COACH Preston 38mm
COACH Preston 38mm

The ceramic bracelet is wonderfully carved with the signature adding a touch of luxury. This watch utilizes a mineral precious stone and a standard quartz development with a water opposition of 3 ATM reasonable for regular wear.

Below is a comparative table of the specifications for each model:

FeatureMovado Signature Watch, 40mmCOACH Preston Women’s Watch, 38mm
Price$416.50 – $595$206.50 – $295
DialWhite Museum with Flat DotBlush with Index
Case Diameter40mm38mm
Case MaterialStainless SteelBlush Ceramic and Rose Gold Stainless Steel
Bracelet/StrapWhite Leather StrapBlush Ceramic Link Bracelet
Crystal TypeSapphire CrystalMineral Crystal
Water Resistance30 Meters3 ATM
Movement TypeSwiss Quartz MovementQuartz Movement
GenderWomen’s, Men’s, UnisexWomen’s

These models showcase unique attributes suitable for women seeking elegance and style in their wrist wear. The Movado Signature Watch offers a timeless design, while the COACH Preston brings a contemporary elegance that complements everyday fashion.

Pros and Cons of Movado Smart Watches

CategoryProsConsPrice Range
StyleIconic, minimalist design that is modern and timeless, appealing to fashion-conscious individuals.Limited customizability in watch faces and straps compared to other brands.$500 – $1500
FunctionalityEquipped with advanced features like heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and smartphone notifications.Battery life can be a concern; may require frequent charging depending on usage.$500 – $1500
DurabilityBuilt with high-quality materials such as sapphire crystal and stainless steel to ensure longevity.$500 – $1500
PricePriced as a luxury item, potentially out of reach for budget-conscious consumers.$500 – $1500

Buying Guide for Movado Smart Watches

While considering buying a Movado watch it is critical to assess a few elements to guarantee that the watch addresses your needs and assumptions.

Buying Guide for Movado Smart Watches
Buying Guide for Movado Smart Watches

Functionality vs. Style

Decide whether you prioritize advanced smart features or a stylish accessory. Movado Smart Watches excel at combining both but at a higher price point.


Check that the watch is compatible with your smartphone or other devices to make the most of its features.

Set a Budget

Movado Smart Watches are premium products. Decide your financial plan in advance and consider which elements are generally crucial for you inside this cost range.

Try Before You Buy

If possible try on different models to see which fits best and feels right on your wrist. Comfort and personal preference in the look and feel of the watch are crucial.

Check Warranty and Support

Investigate the warranty offered with Movado. Understanding that you have support in the event of defects or issues can enhance your buy.


Movado smart watches style innovation and sturdiness to offer an extravagance watch experience that is both useful and chic. In the event that you esteem rich plan and high level elements in a smart watch Movado may be the ideal decision for you. Their watches are ideally suited for the individuals who need to say something while at the same time remaining associated.

But it is important to consider the price and the customization limitations before making a purchase. Movado watches come at a premium cost which are might not fit everyone’s budget. If you are looking for a good watch with technology with classic style and the price is not a limiting then a Movado Smart Watch could be a valuable investment.

Frequently asked questions about Movado smart watches

Is Movado watches a good brand?

Yes, Movado is considered a good brand is known for its iconic minimalist design and quality craftsmanship. They offer stylish and durable watches that blend modern technology with classic elegance.

Is Movado watch compatible with iPhone?

Yes, Movado smart watches are compatible with iPhone. They can connect via an app to sync data, manage notifications, and more making them a convenient choice for iPhone users.

What country is Movado from?

Movado originated in Switzerland in 1881. It is a Swiss brand known for its precision watchmaking and innovative design.

Is Movado Swiss or American?

Movado is a Swiss brand. While it was founded and has its roots in Switzerland it is now headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey, USA after being acquired by an American company. Though it retains its Swiss identity in terms of watch design and quality.

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