Best places to visit in Dubai on Eid

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The best places to visit in Dubai on Eid 2024 are special locations where you may enjoy joyful activities and social interactions. These include malls, tourist attractions, beaches, and places that provide enjoyable events and magnificent décor appropriate for the context of life.

Enjoy a joyful Eid 2024 in Dubai. Bring yourself in the festive atmosphere at the best locations to enjoy delights, family activities, and entertainment. Go over the most prominent demands from the city over a major celebration of Eid.

Dubai Mall

During Eid 2024 one of the world’s largest shopping hubs the Dubai Shopping mall is a hub of activity. In addition to offering a wide range of shops and stores the mall hosts several events just for Eid. These include live music, traditional dance performances and unique kid-friendly workouts.

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall yandex

The significant aquarium and the indoor fountain of the shopping complex provide the perfect environment for family outings.

When it comes to creating a haven of luxury and elegance, the importance of a well-executed paint job cannot be overstated. In the vibrant city of Dubai, where opulence meets modernity, the exterior and interior aesthetics of a villa play a pivotal role in defining its character. Let’s find into the art and science of villa painting in Dubai, exploring how a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your residence and elevate it to a new level of sophistication.

Burj Khalifa

A tour to Dubai is incomplete without going to the Burj Khalifa. The crowning moment is fully brightened throughout Eid and its perception decks offer beautiful views over the city. The surrounding area which includes the Dubai Fountain provides an atmosphere of festivities with light displays and water acts set to both traditional and modern music.

Global Village

Globall village Dubai
Globall village Dubai

Global Village provides an extraordinary cultural experience, perfect for Eid celebrations. It features pavilions from different countries around the world where visitors can shop for unique goods, savor international cuisines, and enjoy cultural performances. Eid brings additional festivities, making it a lively place to experience the global diversity of celebrations.

Jumeirah Beach

If you want a calmer Eid the Jumeirah Beach area is the place to go. You may enjoy a calm day on the sandy beaches or take part in one of the many available water activities. Finally, the area along the coast is full with establishments and restaurants where you can eat outside and enjoy the stunning view of the ocean.

Dubai Opera

Visit the Dubai Opera for a more classy Eid celebration it often hosts wonderful exhibitions throughout the holiday. With everything from performances and plays to traditional musicals the Dubai opera offers a classy atmosphere to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Al Seef District

Placed between old and trendy Dubai creek the famous Al Seef district which is located along the Dubai Stream. The area is enhanced and brightened during Eid providing a lovely atmosphere. Yachts or traditional boats provide trips down the creek is providing a unique viewpoint of the city’s horizon.

Desert Safari

The most thrilling way to celebrate Eid 2024 in Dubai is in a desert safari. This adventure includes edge racing camel rides and an exciting evening complete with fire performances and an outdoor BBQ dinner beneath the sky. This is a whimsical opportunity to see this traditional life and see some amazing sights of desert.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Family vacations to IMG Worlds of Adventure make for an excellent Eid celebration. It’s an indoor theme park with rides and attractions based on well-known figures from films and books. During Eid they add special events and shows to their regular lineup making it even more fun for everyone.Top of Form

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo which is inside the Dubai mall which is popular place to visit. It is a fun attraction for families especially with children. One of the biggest aquariums in the world allows visitors the chance to see a wide range of underwater life including sharks. During Eid there are lots of fun to do with kids in this amazing city of UAE.

KidZania Dubai

Also situated in The Dubai Mall KidZania provides a unique and realistic educational environment where children can role-play adult businesses ranging from firefighters to television producers. This interactive city is scaled down to kids’ size and offers a fun and engaging way to learn about the adult world. During this Eid 2024 KidZania regularly features special themed activities that reflect the festive life.


Best places to visit in Dubai on Eid 2024 is a great time to see and enjoy the local culture and the city’s modern beauty. Each spot you visit has its own special way to celebrate to making sure your Eid holiday is one to remember. Whether you are looking to have fun or learn something new. Dubai has something for everyone during this festive time.

There is a lot to do in Dubai during Eid 2024 from entertainment and relaxation to learning about the culture. Each place you visit offers a unique experience that makes the holiday special. Enjoy this Eid in Dubai where there is always something exciting for everyone.

IF you visit this year in Dubai do let me know in comments and if I missed to update something you can remind me in comments. As the mother of three kids I also search new things to do with my kids in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best places to visit in Dubai

Where should I go for Eid in Dubai?

For Eid celebrations consider visiting attractions like The Dubai shopping center for shopping and funs at Global Village or the Dubai Opera for uncommon exhibitions. The Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah beach side are similarly splendid spots to join.

Is it good to visit Dubai during Eid?

This Eid offers an opportunity to visit Dubai as the city blending with celebrations and events. This is a chance to encounter the nearby lifestyle and appreciate extraordinary.

How do I spend Eid holiday in Dubai?

Spend your Eid 2024 holiday in Dubai the city’s top attractions for example taking a desert safari and visiting famous tourist spots like the Burj Khalifa. You are getting a control out of family spots like IMG Universes of Adventure. You can shop in the luxurious shopping centers or feast at meals.

Where do Muslims go on Eid?

In Dubai, Muslims often visit mosques for special Eid prayers in the morning. Afterwards, many enjoy visiting family and friends, going to public parks, waterfronts like Dubai Creek, and participating in community events and meals that celebrate the occasion.

How can I enjoy Eid day?

Enjoy in the various activities Dubai has to offer to celebrate Eid 2024 including Jumeirah beach to theme parks. Enjoy a festive meal at many restaurants and don’t miss the light and fire displays at different locations like The Dubai Shopping mall and Burj Khalifa.

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