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A wide range of services are provided by the financial technology platform called It simplifies financial transactions and enables companies to easily manage their financial records. In this article, we will go through a brief explanation of, traffic and ranking, registration age, other possibilities, and conclusion. We start working on it through the IPSaya software, which assists your company in reaching its goals and objectives. This site provides an understanding of different customer categories, identifies problems, and implements conversion-boosting practices.

Understanding the platform

Information management

Ipsaya offers a single platform for creating and sharing information, including blogs, emails, social network posts, and more.

Data report

You can measure page views, engagement rates, visitor demographics, and much more with Ipsaya’s site.


By providing customized ideas for every visitor based on their browsing history, Ipsaya enables you to personalize the user experience.

Creating an Ipsaya account

It’s simple to get going. Simply enter your email address on the site. After creating a password and adding your name, click “Sign Up”. And that’s it you will set to begin using Ipsaya.

After that, select the “Account” button at the top of the website and fill in the details about your business. This will contain the essential business data.

Save the changes after filling out each of these fields. If necessary, you can always update them afterwards.

It’s a very safe and an excellent safety score website. It is a platform that is suggested for many different services.

Users that use the site have a high level of trust in it and it has never been linked to a scam. It continues its efforts to looking for real user feedback for goods and services.

Key points of

Positives of

Valid SSL: This website provides a secure connection and is connect with valid SSL certificate.

Old website: this website is running for a very long time or period

Not blacklisted: This website stayed unblacklisted by security engines, the website regulates its reputation.     

Negatives of

Not popular: few users are known about this website.        

Valid SSLNot popular
Old website
Not blacklisted

Ranks of the website

Its ranks 97,975 worldwide and 37,340 in the US as a nation. There were 597K visits to this website and every visit took an average of 05:18 minutes. The United States is the main source of this website viewer ship, followed by Indonesia and Singapore.

Traffic on website

The traffic to website has grown by 8.5% every month to reach its current level from organic search traffic. As of January 2024, this traffic and ranking was produced.

Website owner

You cannot find any of the information about the owner of

Domain age

As of January 16, 2024 the domain age of this website is 12 years 1 month and 18 days. The creation date is November 28,2011.

Tips to operate effectively

Make use of current data

See what kinds of ideas you can get by looking over the data you have been collecting; Ipsaya automatically capture it all and utilize data to guide your choice and make sure your company has accurate information about the performance of its goods, services and customers.

Make personalized reports

With Ipsaya creating customized reports is easy. Whatever data points you wish to track, you may be including lead generation, website traffic, sales performance and customer behavior.

Frequently asked questions about

Is is a legal website?

Yes, of course is a legal and a safe site which ensures customer privacy and regulations.

When was started?

It launched in November 28,2011.

Is there any alternative of Ipsaya?

Yes, there are other alternatives such as Ahrefs. Zoho Books, Quick books and Mint.


Ipsaya is a unique instrument for promoting collaboration, optimizing workflows, and building a more effective, productive company. It is easy to get start with Ipsaya and rake the advantages of its benefits from its feature rich and unique is perfect choice for any type of businesses you can work more quickly, run your businesses more effectively and ensure your company contributes effectively. There are some alternative of ipsaya available like ahref zoho and quick books.

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