Discover the Luxurious RAV4 Nutmeg Interior 2023

The RAV4 introduces its captivating rav4 nutmeg interior in 2023. As an admirer of the RAV4’s strong design and remarkable efficiency, you have to wait to discover what is inside interior. Families and lone drivers in the Oxnard region choose the RAV4, with is long list of standard features, roomy cargo capacity and comfortable seats.

The RAV4 has a bold design and bright two-tone color choices that help it leave a lasting impact wherever it goes. The interior is also impressive, with its color choices, connectivity, and comfort features among its many highlights. In this article we go through the RAV4 nutmeg interior 2023.


When you travel your destination in RAV4 nutmeg interior 2023 it makes your journey memorable because of its adjustable design and various powertrain options, with its ability to combine sport and utility, the RAV4 is prepared for anything from lake camping to city activities.

Drive with distance

You can drive with confidence with RAV4 nutmeg interior 2023 which offers improved on-road driving dynamics and all weather capability. Prepare for the journey ahead with 219 combined net horsepower and up to an EPA estimated 40 mpg combined rating.

RAV4 interior dimensions

  • Volume of EPA passenger: 98.9 cubic feet
  • Headroom in front: 37.7 inches.
  • Headroom at the back: 39.5 inches.
  • Space ahead for shoulders: 57.8 inches
  • Front hip measurement: 54.3 inches.
  • Hip room in back: 47.7 inches.
  • Legroom in back: 37.8 inches.
  • Cargo space: 69.8 cubic feet behind the first row.
  • Behind the second row: 37.6 cubic feet.

RAV4 Nutmeg Interior

Understanding how unique the RAV4 Nutmeg inside is does not take long. Compared to the interior’s tone, the color change is significantly greater. This color especially in Softex material, offers a more upmarket and elegant feel by breaking from the traditional black interior. The interior of the car is integrated thanks to the nutmeg touches all over it.

The following models are available with the Nutmeg interior:

  • LE (fabric)
  • XLE (fabric)
  • XLE Premium (Softex)
  • Limited (Softex)

Texture available

It gives fabric, Softex and mixed media as options for seat materials.

There are major differences between each variety in terms of comfort, maintenance requirements, feel and look.


Made from interwoven textile material, fabric seats are a traditional option. They are well-known for being breathable, inexpensive, and comfortable. For the majority, it’s the best choice all around.

Fabric seats’ issue is that they can be more challenging to maintain clean. Liquid and dirt particles can readily be absorbed into the material due to their high level of penetration.


RAV4 uses an excellent synthetic leather called Softex. Although it does not contain any animal material. It feels and looks like leather.

For several reasons, it is superior to real leather and other seating material. These seats are not only elegant and cozy, but also incredibly strong, stain resistant and simple to maintain.

Media mixed

One of the more unusual seating choice available on the RAV4 is mixed media. By combining fabric and Softex you may benefit from the greatest qualities of both materials.

You can enjoy the advantages of breathability, comfort, style, durability and simplicity of cleaning with this material.

Factors while choosing your seat color


Pick a color that goes well with your outside color scheme and personal taste.


In direct sunlight, dark colors like black, especially those made of Softex material can get quiet hot.


Stains and dirt are more noticeable on light colored material.

Frequently asked questions about RAV4 nutmeg interior 2023

How wide is the interior of RAV4?

It has 40 inches of cargo length behind the rear seat. You will receive a minimum of 39.4 to 34.5 inches of dimensions.

How many kg RAV4 run?

It has the capacity of 750 kg for all RAV4 variants.

Is there any sunroof on the RAV4?

Sunroof is available in RAV4 grade levels, so you can take advantage of additional light and a spacious interior in an already excellent vehicle.


Since you will be looking at the interior of your automobile the most, do not skip on choosing the color. The interior of the RAV4 is available in four striking colors but this article is about the RAV4 Nutmeg interior 2023. You have the option to the color of your choice and according to your taste while keeping in mind about the factors of the interior. 

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