Tesla cyber truck Built for any planet Affordable for Luxury Interior, Features and Price

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Welcome to the future of driving Meet the Tesla Cyber truck a wonder of modern engineering that’s reforming our roads. Designed with a perfect blend of power and style this electric beast isn’t just about looks it’s a hub of comfort and technology inside. Today we’re diving into the heart of the Cyber truck explaining its cozy advanced interior and breaking down its pricing. You’re a car lover or just curious about Tesla’s latest design get ready to be surprised by what this electric pickup has to offer. Let’s start this journey and discover why the Cyber truck is more than just a vehicle.

Tesla Cyber truck Interior

The interior of the Tesla Cyber truck is a wonder of simple design and advanced features. The wide cabin is designed to easily sitting for six passengers offering a roomy and appealing environment. At the heart of the dashboard is a superb 17 inches touchscreen helping as the control center for all of the truck’s functions. The whole mixing of technology with everyday use makes the Cyber truck interior advanced experience in itself.

Tesla Cyber truck Features

The Cyber truck stands out with its ultra-hard stainless steel exterior a tribute to Tesla’s commitment to durability and innovation. Its autopilot capabilities push the boundaries of independent driving offering a sight into the future of road travel. The utility space is exactly designed providing plenty room for both work and vacation needs making the Cyber truck a useful choice for a variety of users.

CategoryFirst VariantSecond VariantThird Variant
Range (est.)320 miles340 miles250 miles
+Range Extender440+ miles470+ milesNot available
Acceleration2.6 sec 0-60 mph4.1 sec 0-60 mph6.5 sec 0-60 mph
DriveAll-wheel driveAll-wheel driveRear-wheel drive
Top Speed130 mph112 mph112 mph
Towing11,000 lbs11,000 lbs7,500 lbs
Weight6,843 lbs6,603 lbsAvailable in 2025
Cargo120.9 cu ft120.9 cu ft
Seating5 adults5 adults
Displays18.5” & 9.4”18.5” & 9.4”
Ground Clearance17.44″17.44″
Overall Width86.6″ / 95″86.6″ / 95″
Overall Height70.5″70.5″
Overall Length223.7″223.7″

Tesla Cyber truck Dimensions

The Cyber truck’s dimensions are impressive measuring approximately 231.7 inches in length 79.8 inches in width and 75 inches in height. These dimensions give the Cyber truck an impressive presence on the road. Combining the handy of a pickup truck with the sleek design Tesla is known for.

Tesla Cyber truck Price 2024

Looking ahead to 2024 the estimated prices for the Cyber truck are $49,990 for the single-motor version $59,990 for the dual-motor and $79,990 for the tri-motor variant. These prices reflect Tesla’s commitment to making innovative technology reachable to a broader market.

Cyber truck Range

Tesla cyber truck
Tesla cyber truck

The range of the Cyber truck varies with each model. The best variant is likely to offer an extraordinary range of over 500 miles on a single charge. Set a new standard for electric vehicle performance and strength.

Cyber truck Weight

While the exact weight of the Tesla Cyber truck is 6,843 LBS for cyber beast, all-wheel drive Weight 6,603 LBS and rare-wheel drive not confirmed yet. It’s shaping up to be a strong companion for all your adventures. Imagine a truck tough enough to handle the roughest of roads and strong enough to pull heavy loads easily. This isn’t just a vehicle it’s a powerhouse on wheels ready to take on both the urban jungle and the wild. The Cyber truck is designed to be your reliable partner no matter you’re carrying equipment or going out on a weekend adventure. Stay tuned for more details as Tesla reveals the full capabilities of this exciting machine.

Cyber truck Release Date

The latest updates suggest an expected release around early 2024.

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