Last Seen on WhatsApp Not Updating Fix It Now

last seen on WhatsApp not updating

The last seen feature of WhatsApp provide an easy method to find out when your contacts were last using the app. Users might come to these situations where there Last Seen on WhatsApp Not Updating in the usual way and they face difficulties and communication problem. In this article we focus on the common problem causing this issues and offers workable correct to ensure an easy and convenient texting skills.

Common issues

Last Seen on WhatsApp Not Updating due to some common issues you can check first to fix this issue.

Internet connection problem

Cause: Actual updates may be delayed by an unstable or inaccurate internet connection.

Solution: Make sure your device is connected with the reliable internet connection and Wi-Fi

Try switching between mobile data and Wi-Fi to see if there are any connectivity problem.

Privacy setting

Causes: It is possible that the users shifted their privacy setting to control who can see their last seen status.

Solution: check that your last seen visibility is set to a preferred option by confirming your privacy settings. Verify the settings of contacts who last seen status you are not able to view as well.

Outdated app version

Causes: WhatsApp element and errors cannot work properly if you are using and outdated version of the app.

Solution: updated your WhatsApp to the most current version provided from the applicable app store (app store for iOS, google play store).

Background data restrictions

Causes: Real time updates may be affected by device setting that keeps apps from using data in the background.

Solution: verify that WhatsApp allows apps to use background data by checking the setting of your device.

Incorrect date and time setting

Causes: WhatsApp coordination process may be limited by inaccurate date and time setting on your device.

Solution: To confirm accuracy, check and make necessary adjustments to your device data and time setting.

Other reasons for Last Seen on WhatsApp Not Updating

Unblock others

If you do not see any details about a contact including their profile photo or last seen if they have blocked you or if you have blocked them

Save contacts and message them

If you have not saved the contact and message them saving the number the problem might be fixed.

Restart your WhatsApp and phone

When there is a bug in WhatsApp app and its need to refresh it this might also not allow to see last seen.

Clear WhatsApp cache

WhatsApp cache make the app lazy and hang the application sometime you have to clear the WhatsApp cache to fix the problem.


When solving Last Seen on WhatsApp Not Updating you should check your device setting the version of app and your contact privacy choices. Users can ensure an easy and reliable experience with WhatsApp last seen feature by taking care of these common issues.

Frequently Asked Question about Last Seen on WhatsApp Not Updating

What is the online status showed on your WhatsApp?

WhatsApp will show the online status when the users link their phone to the internet and unlocks in the background .it sometimes comes online while WhatsApp is open and operating in the background.

Is the last seen on WhatsApp accurate?

Yes, the last seen was accurate and updated immediately.

Why when WhatsApp is online being message not being read?

It is not necessary that someone who is using WhatsApp online read your message the sender may not be using the WhatsApp at the moment and the app may be running in the background.

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