Select SD card by your key input error: useful simple instructions

On the smartphone, the error message select SD card by your key input can pop up. This could be an indication of a failure that was accidentally brought about, maybe by dropping the phone or pressing certain keys. This issue may occur even if your phone does not have an SD card; it could also be caused by outdated software, internal hardware failures, or a smartphone in SS RDX Mode.

The issue might be fixed by trying a software update, although user success varies. This error may also be caused by hardware issues, which call for skilled examination repair. Additionally, this sort of problem may occur from unintentionally enabling SS RDX Mode, often unintentionally activated and cause this problem.

How to resolve the phone problem practical advice?

Restart your gadget

  • First, try rebooting your phone to fix the select SD card by your key input issue if there is a brief scientific error causing the issue, take note of these important actions;
  • When the phone is turned on, take out the SD card by opening the slot with a unique key.
  • Remove the card, turn off the phone, and then put it back in.
  • Prior to turning on the phone, wait a short while.
  • Activate the phone and see if the issue still exists.

Make an effort to switch modes

It is possible that the device may unintentionally setup of the SS RDX Mode is the reason of being unable to write to the SD card. Here is the brief how to get this mode

  • Take a few seconds to press your device boost button.
  • Give the pressed burton release.
  • Find the sound-reducing button right away, then press and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Confirm if you were capable to successfully exit the SS RDX Mode. If not, carry out the actions again. The smartphone mode might not be the cause of the error if it continues.

Perform a traditional reset

Try doing a traditional reset to completely reset your phone setting if the previous troubleshooting methods weren’t successful in fixing can’t write to SD card. The essential actions are follows:

  • Locate the general setting tab in setting and click on it.
  • Scroll down to the Reset tab and click on it.
  • After choosing the Device Reset the action. The gadget will reboot and reset all of its settings automatically.
  • Since the data reset will erase the device’s data, make sure you backup any crucial information before starting the process, including contacts, notes, downloaded files, and documents.

Frequently Asked Questions about select SD card by your key input

Selected SD card by your key input” what does that mean?

This message usually indicates that there may be an issue with a smartphone’s SD card selection, possibly as a result of unintentional clicks or mode changes.

What should I do if the issue is not resolved by following the suggested steps?

Think about getting expert assistance if troubleshooting on your own doesn’t work. Online experts or specialized services can help diagnose and fix more complex issues within your SD card.

Does the device’s reset procedure remove all of its data?

Yes, a system reset clears your device of all data and settings. Before continuing, be sure to backup any crucial and important data, including contacts, documents, and images.


In the conclusion, there are a few troubleshooting methods that can attempt to fix the select SD card by your key input issue on your smartphone. Rebooting, making sure the SD card is handled properly, and looking for accidental activation of modes like SS RDX can often resolve common problems. A reset of the system might offer a complete fix if these methods don’t work out before you perform factory or traditional reset, make sure you have a backup of all important details. If everything else fails, you may be able to figure out and fix more complicated SD card problems on Samsung devices by getting professional assistance from specialized services or internet experts.

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