Top 10 Best Grammar apps for improving English

The primary goal of grammar apps for improving English is to enable individuals to enhance their productivity in the English language. In today’s world, improving one’s English is crucial for expanding knowledge and thriving in practical life, just as well as others.

Benefits of using the mobile apps in education

  • Increased student confidence
  • Awareness to the knowledge
  • Variety of resources used
  • Improved your vocabulary
  • Student can work on their place
  • Easy to access

Apps for improving English grammar

  • learnEnglish Grammar
  • Johnny grammar world challenge
  • Grammaropolis
  • ELSA speak
  • Lingualeo
  • Mad lips
  • English grammar book
  • Grammarly
  • Quizlet
  • Duolingo
  • Learn to speak English
  • The free dictionary

Detailed Overview of Select Apps

LearnEnglish Grammar

Grammar apps for improving English

LearnEnglish Grammar is a premier resource from the British Council. This app guides you through 600 interactive exercises, including thousands of fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions, and word matching problems, covering 25 grammatical themes.

Johnny grammar world challenge

The British council provides number off apps to aid in English language learning. Combine the previous mentioned software with the entertaining and free Johny Grammar Word Challenge app. take the 60 second test to improve your conversational English by testing your knowledge of common English vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.


This is the fun website for elementary school grammar students a perfect example of how grammar apps for improving English can make learning engaging. You can better understand the unique features of the eight parts of the speech by watching the instructional video, books, and grammar quizzes. With animated characters that appear in novels, music, films and interactive games, the parts of speech come to life.

ELSA speak

For practice lessons ELSA leverages your phone microphone and cutting edge voice recognition check your grammar and fluency on the range of subject from everyday life. The lesson in the app are customized based on how well you speak American or British English.


The Lingualeo is the best tailored and enjoyable language learning app for nonnative speakers in Russia, Brazil, Poland and Turkey is the Lingualeo app. The online service form gamifying language began with Russian and since spared to few other languages.

Mad lips

Nothing keeps you from inventing strange language and your own set of rules. Anyone of any age can play the game because it is so simple. for kids it is an entertaining and instructive activity.

English grammar book

For those who have prefer not to have their apps Gamified there is an English Grammar Book. It provide clear explanation on subjects that may be confusing to you. All aspects of English grammar is addressed including verbs, idioms, homophones, active and passive voice.


Grammarly desktop writing assistance is well known as one of the leading grammar apps for improving English. The Grammarly keyboard app for android an iPhone functions similarly to a mobile grammar check in that incorrect your work as you type. Grammarly identified mistakes and provide better suggestions.


You can download this app or use within the browser. Login is same, it contains large amount of content that you can easily access, variety of modes are also available you can learn same words in different ways.


It is cute engaging interface and have optional placement test. You can set your native language, translatable interface. You can get reminder notification or turn off your setting.

Frequently asked questions about Grammar apps for improving English

Which app is the best for English grammar?

Grammarly, Duolingo, Babbel. English Grammar in Use.

What is the app for normal English to advanced English?

Discover Word up is the powerful tool to master English words, whether you are beginners, advanced or even a native

How to improve vocabulary?

Develop a reading habit use dictionaries and thesauruses, play word games, use flashcards, subscribe to word of the day feeds, employ mnemonics and practice using new words in conversation.


In order to sum up grammar is an essential component of the English language. It helps promote accurate, concise, and successful communication. for those who wish to excel in English speaking environment, learning proper grammar in professional, academic and personal settings. The article gives you the detail about the grammar apps for improving English that lead you to the best possible solution.

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