What does new contact mean on snapchat: A Complete Guide

Snapchat is the messaging app that allow users to exchange videos and picture that are meant to be disappear after they view. Snapchat had changed a lot in past years including various contact features. It became one of the main method of communication for most of it users. The company of snapchat continue their efforts to reinvent the app as much as they can their motive is to enhance the features that signifies the user and maintain it as reliable and convenient as they can.

Understanding the contact feature on snapchat

You only need to swipe down from the camera screen and select My Friend option to use this features. Anyone with the account will appear in the Contact area. This specific function may not seem like much at first but it can be useful when trying to create new contacts or get in touch with old one.

Adding individual to yours snapchat contact

In recent year the snapchat become one of the widely used social network

Disappearing message feature

Humorous filter

They drawn a large following and giving it a way to stay in touch with your loved ones. Adding user to snapchat is the major part of using Snapchat.

Adding user

On snapchat adding a user is very easy scroll down from the camera screen select the Add friends option ADD by username or by Snape code. They will be added right away.

If you want to add a person which is not in your contact list, choose ADD Nearby option through phone number or email address.

Add privacy in Snapchat contacts

First of all when you add someone on snapchat they gain access to your display name and profile image which can be publicly visible. They have access to your online time they could follow or harass you.

Snapchat collect information from its users about their devices this information is used for advertising third party may gain access without your awareness.

Tips to manage snapchat contact

Rather sending each contact a separate snap use the MY STORY option. You can share pictures and videos on MY STORY

Make separate friend list according to how well you know each other you can group them according to several standards.

Snap Map

Ensure to your privacy option which include snap map. location sharing is enabled by default in Snapchat make sure the people you trust can view the precise location

What does new contact mean on snapchat?

New contact mean on snapchat when your new contact joined the snapchat the snapchat notify you that new contact has joined the app that indicate that the contact just setup the snapchat account and added their phone number. This likely a new feature to promote and encourage connection among friends. In order to make it simpler to locate your friend Snapchat will only notify them if you allow it to sync your contact.

Frequently Asked Question about new contact mean on Snapchat

How can you add new contact on Snapchat?

Anybody may be this a friend, a relative, a coworker they have linked the same phone number to their Snapchat account it will appear NEW CONTACT in your QUICK ADD area.

Can you block stranger on snapchat?

You can select BLOCK or REPORT option in the window to remove a message from someone on Snapchat who is not a friend

Is it possible to remove several contacts on Snapchat?

No you cannot remove bulk friend from Snapchat


Snapchat is the spontaneous mean of communication and sharing of ideas among individuals we can connect to other people and be aware about what happen around us. this article explains about the new contact mean on Snapchat and how the individual knows about the new contact which added in their list and also focusing on the privacy policies. Snapchat is quite an interesting app when using it whether you use the app for leisure, marketing or making contacts with other people you will be sure to discover variety of cool features that can strengthen your profile.

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