Why Instagram App keeps Crashing IPhone

Instagram is a social networking website that allow users to share photos and videos. It is owned by Meta platform. User are able to upload media files that can be located, edited with filters, and arranged using hashtags. Shared content can be done so with authorized follower or in public. Sometimes while using Instagram on iPhone it crashes and make the user unable to use it. In this article we discuss about the causes Instagram App keeps Crashing iPhone and effects also providing the fixing solutions.

Why does Instagram keep on crashing?

Upon opening the app, uploading images or videos, logging in or doing other operation you can experience Instagram crash

The following are some explanation for the Instagram app keeps crashing iPhone:

Difficulties and error in Instagram application

Unavailable server

The Instagram mobile app is outdated

Your iPhone does not have adequate storage

There is a bad connection to the internet

How to fix Instagram keep crashing issue?

Instagram app keeps crashing iPhone

Update Instagram

Make sure your iPhone is running the most recent version of the Instagram app. Search for Instagram app in the app store then select update to see whether there is a new version available

Launched the Instagram app again

Restart Instagram after closing it. to see your recently used app double press the home button. Locate Instagram, swipe up or down to end the app and then open it again

Give your iPhone a restart

Restart your iPhone in a straightforward manner. After turning it off and waiting a short while switch it back on

Check for iOS update

Verify that the most recent version of iOS is installed on your phone. locate and install any available updates by going to setting >General>Software.

Delete temporary files from cache

Regretfully there is no cache clearing feature in Instagram for iPhone. To remove temporary files, you can uninstall and reinstall the application. once the Instagram app icon is start to wiggle, press and hold it hit the X icon to remove it and then download and reinstall it from Appstore.

Make storage space available

Make sure there is enough space on your iPhone. An almost full device may cause instability in your app. To make space remove any file and app that are not needed.

Verify internet connection

Whether using cellular data or Wi-Fi confirm that you have a dependable and robust internet connection. An application mat crash due to the poor connectivity

Clear the network configuration

Select reset >General>Reset>Reset network setting under setting

Turn off the app background refresh

Disable Instagram background app refresh by going to settings >General> Background App refresh. This occasionally deal with the stability of the app

Contact Instagram help

You might wish to get in touch with Instagram help if none of the solutions listed above work to fix the problem. They may be aware of any concern that are known and can offer more specialized help.

Upgrade the latest beta version of Instagram

Consider moving to stable version of Instagram if you are currently utilizing the beta version. there may be issues in beta version that lead to crashes.

Inform Instagram of the problem

To report a problem directly to Instagram, navigate to the setting, scroll down and select report the problem 

Frequently asked questions about Instagram app keeps crashing iPhone

Why Instagram keep crashing?

An outdated mobile OS could be the reason

What make Instagram data usage so high?

High quality image and movies consume more data than inferior content.

How do I limit how much time I spent on Instagram?

High quality image and movies consume more data than inferior content.


It can be annoying when Instagram crashes on iPhone but these are the top 12 ways to resolve the issue Instagram app keeps crashing iPhone if one of the ways can help than contact to the Instagram for help. By using one of these way you can easily resolve your problem about the crashing issue on iPhone utilize the way which is more convenient to you. There is a solution for every user ranging from troubleshooting techniques. These are the right way to stop app crashes from running your Instagram experience and resume flawless browsing!

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