Wyze Cam SD Card Max: The Ultimate Storage Solution

Wyze cam is the collection of affordable smart home security cameras manufactured by Wyze lab. Wyze cam SD card max which have the capacity to store up to 256GB which holds up to 2 to 3 weeks of play back recordings in exFAT format. The highest card supporting is the SD card max which store large amount of data and have a large capacity as compare to other cards that limit the storage and capacity. In this article we discuss about the features of Wyze cam SD card max and its storage and capacity.

You may try on your own with high capacity micro SD cards but it might be best to follow the card advice if something goes wrong you lose significant footage you cannot blame the Wyze cam so stick to the better card recommendation. Although Wyze is among the most reasonable priced camera, do not let that fool you into believing the quality is compromised .for a fraction of price competing smart security camera the Wyze offer the excellent features and amazing infrared night vision.

Models Offered by Wyze

Wyze provide variety of camera models like

Wyze cam v1: The original model featuring 1080pHDvideo, night vision and motion detection.

Wyze cam v2: An upgraded model including better motion recognition, sharp image and more streamlined appearance

Wyze cam pan: A motion tracking, motorized, 360-degree pan, and tilt camera with 1080pHD

Wyze cam outdoor: A weather proof camera with a long battery life that can be installed wire free and used outdoors.

Key Features

Video quality: 1080 p HD video quality is offered by the majority of Wyze camera ensure crisp and detailed footage.

Night vision: Every Wyze camera has night vision which enable good video recording even in dim light or night environment.

Motion detection: Wyze camera has the motion detection technology that lets you remotely monitor your home by sending alerts to your smartphones’ when activity is detected.

Two-way audio: Wyze camera have microphones and speakers built right in enabling two-way audio connection this let you talk and listen to people who are close to camera.

Mobile app: The Wyze mobile app act as the central center for managing your camera, monitoring live feeds, modifying settings and accessing the recorded footage

Additional Information

Cloud storage: For the purpose of storing audio clips Wyze provide optional cloud storage solutions .as an alternative customer can utilized a micro SD card for local storage which is not provided

Integration: Voice control and automation are made possible by Wyze camera integration with other smart home system like Google assistance and Amazon Alexa

Affordability: Wyze camera are notable for being reasonably priced which enable a broad user base to utilize them without sacrificing functionality and quality

Frequently asked questions about Wyze Cam SD Card Max

What is the maximum SD card size supported by Wyze cameras?

Wyze cameras support microSD cards up to 256 GB in size.

What happens when the Wyze camera’s SD card is full?

When the SD card is full, the Wyze camera will accordingly overwrite the most seasoned film to account for new accounts.

What is the speeds of Wyze microSD cards?

Wyze microSD cards have an examined speed of up to 100 MB/s and a compose speed of up to 90 MB/s.

Do Wyze cameras support SD or HD video recording?

Wyze cameras support both SD (Standard Definition) and HD (Superior quality) video recording allowing clients to pick the quality in view of their requirements and capacity limit.


Using the Wyze camera with the SD cards gives you the ability to record continuous footage without aby hazard and problem. Wyze cam SD card max gives you the maximum storage for the videos and audios that can be easily proceed in your daily work. You will also be able to record the time lapse video. It’s one of the advanced technology in today’s world that provides all the records and give as the precautionary tools to safeguard our home and areas by using the Wyze camera. If you have issue with you SD card you can usually fix them by high quality cards, formatting the cards, reinserting it and updating the firmware .it always advice to get in touch with the Wyze customer service if more help is needed.

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