Dive into Flavor at Wingstop Concord NC

Wingstop concord NC, is one of an American international chain of restaurants that primarily sells wings. The restaurant network was established in 1994 in Garland, Texas, and started offering establishments in 1997.The chain is settled in Addison, Texas. In 2003, the chain was obtained by Gemini Financial backers, which offered it to Roark Capital Group in 2010. Wingstop opened up to the world in 2015. Wingstop concord NC, doesn’t operate a wing company they work in the flavor industry.

Since they first opened for business in 1994, serving flavors from around the world has been our goal, and they’re only getting started. Their first franchised Wingstop opened its doors in 1997, and by 200, it had aided one billion wings worldwide. Wingstop is one of the restaurant industry’s fastest-growing brands because of its characteristic flavor. One of its branch is located in Concord, NC, known as Wingstop concord NC.

The Handling procedure of Wingstop Concord NC

Raw chicken can contain number of contaminants so they always wash their hands to prevent cross contamination. They carry the cooked chicken with the metal tongs and transfer into the metal bowl.

Cooking procedure

They cooked chicken at 350 Fahrenheit for 14 minutes. They keep the wings stir after every 3 minutes to prevent sticking with the surface.


Wingstop’s aim is to serve the world’s flavors through the management and development of a global network of restaurants. Wingstop is the place for flavor, offering a range of 11 bold, diverse kinds of boneless and chicken wings as well as chicken sandwiches.


To introduce delicious flavors that please everyone palate.


To be in the list of top 10 global restaurants.

Executive management

Michael Skipworth has served as president and chief executive officer since March 2022 and previously worked as president and chief operating officer. Previously, Michael was part of the audit and reassurance practice for KPMG LLP. Since July 2022, Marisa Carona has been Chief US Franchise Operations Officer.

Prior to her most recent role as Senior Vice President and Chief Growth Officer, Marisa joined the firm in February 2015. Marisa has managed several important divisions of the company during her occupation, including marketing, corporate strategy, ESG, and training.


Large 10 pc wing comboWings Combo10 pieces
Louisaiana Voodoo FriesFriesRegular
Boneless meal dealBoneless Meal Deal
Chicken sandwichChicken Sandwich1
Chicken sandwich comboChicken Sandwich Combo
Triple meal dealTriple Meal Deal
Boneless meal dealBoneless Meal Deal
Wing comboWing Combo
Small 6 pc wing comboWings Combo6 pieces
Medium 8 pc wing comboWings Combo8 pieces
Large 10 pc wing comboWings Combo10 pieces
Wing group packWings Group Pack
15 pc meal for 2Meal for Two15 pieces
30 pc crew packCrew Pack30 pieces
40 pc group packGroup Pack40 pieces
Wings by the pieceWings10, 15, 20

Sides items

They served coleslaw and recommended to make it in the end of the night for keeping it chilled for the next 12 hours.

Baked beans is also of the side items its shelf life is 4 days in the refrigerator and if it is baked it can re heat one time only.

Dips and flavors

  • Desert
  • Drinks

Pilot of the Wingstop concord NC

The pilot is the one who role as a manager and have the responsibility to look after at all the staff their performance and management. He or she will make sure that everything is going well.


Navigator has a great responsibility who has the direct contact with the guest they spend more time interacting with the guest than any other position so they have great responsibility to greet nicely with the guest, taking accurate order and deliver it on time.


The main role to cook the classic chicken wings as well as assisting all the function in the kitchen. So the person need to have greater efficiency to perform all the operation and task in the kitchen.


The gunner role is to cooked the seasoned fries and boneless chicken as well as assisting all the saucing and order preparation. They ensure that all the products meet the highest standards of Wingstop.


The wingman responsibility is of the packaging of all the products and deliver to the Wingstop.

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Frequently asked questions about Wingstop Concord NC

Can I order Wingstop delivery in Concord with Uber Eats?

To locate the Concord Wingstop that delivers to you, enter your delivery address.

Where can I locate the Wingstop delivery menu and prices?

The Wingstop delivery menu and rates are detailed on this page. Find a Concord Wingstop that delivers to your address using Uber Eats by entering your address, then check out the menu and prices there.

In Concord, how many Wingstop locations exist?

All of the Wingstop locations in Concord that are available on Uber Eats are listed on this page.

When will Wingstop in Concord accept orders?

We’ll display for you the operating hours of each Concord Wingstop restaurant that accepts Uber Eats deliveries.


Wingstop Concord NC, is the place to go if you want manually cut, seasoned fries, tasty chicken sandwiches, orS any of our well-known sides. Wingstop offers more than just a meal. it’s a cooking experience for those who demand flavor in everything they do.

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